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Appraised a large maintenance facility and commercial passenger terminal at a major airport


Crosson Dannis, Inc. places great emphasis upon the effective use of technology. Further, we have access to vast amounts of data that form the basis of high-quality analyses and opinions. Investing in the right software, services, and tools allows our firm to deliver reports quicker, more efficiently and with higher degrees of accuracy.

Examples of such tools are below:

  • Various discounted cash flow software, including Argus, DYNA, Pro-Ject and internally developed Excel programs
  • Mapping software for Flood Maps, Zoning Maps and Street Maps
  • Commercial and Residential Report generating software
  • RealTrac and CoStar comparable sale and lease data
  • Microsoft-based Professional programs
  • On-line services such as STDB, MLS and ALN
  • Tools like the Disto A5 Laser meter for accurate measuring
  • Utilizing Adobe's Portable Document Format (pdf) files, we can deliver a complete, multi-page report, with digital photos and maps, through electronic transmission using our FTP site which transmits via the Internet, keeping e-mail free of whale-size attachments.

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